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Carl Adams Wrestling Club - Fall 2012

Carl Adams

Wrestling Elite Club at Boston University

 The place where serious wrestlers meet to improve!

 Our goal is to provide the best learning opportunity you will find anywhere in the country. My goal is to give club members the necessary wrestling techniques, strategy and information they need to become the best possible wrestlers they can be. The sessions will be highly structured, focused and intense.




1)      All Club members must purchase a U.S.A. Wrestling Card

2)      All members must be at least 12 years of age.

3)      All Club members must have had a Physical within the last 2 years and must present the documentation before joining the club.

4)      All Club members must sign our Club Waiver


 All members will receive the most comprehensive wrestling club notebook you will find anywhere in the country. The notebook was written by Carl Adams and it contains detail information on technique, strategy and training.


Club members will be evaluated individually on an ongoing basis by Carl Adams and his club coaching staff.

  •   All Club Members will receive a free Club T-Shirt
  •  All Club Members will be insured by U.S.A. Wrestling  Club Insurance Policy
  •  All Club members will have access to Carl Adams for specific advice and
  • training tips on an ongoing basis


( 16 Great Training Sessions )

Sessions will be offered 2 times a week starting on October 4th. The sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The sessions will start at 6:30 P.M. and last until 8:00 P.M.




September Practice Dates  25 – 27


October Practice Dates   - 2 – 4 – 9 -11 -16 – 18 -23 -25 - 30


November Practice Dates – 1 -6 -9 – 13- 15


 Carl Adams

Club Director


Head Coach at Boston University 31 years & 39 years at the Division one college level

4 X National Champion

2 X NCAA Champion at Iowa State

2 X National Freestyle Champion

Member of Three World Teams

3 x Midlands Champion

Author of three wrestling books

Has personally worked with over 20,000 junior and high school age wrestlers


Ben Mandebraut

 Assistant Coach at Boston University 3 years

 Boston University wrestlers


Club Location

Boston University

Case Gymnasium - Wrestling Room

285 Babcock Street

Boston, MA  02215


 $250.00 for the 16 sessions


The fee must be sent in before the club sessions began. The fee must be sent in care of Carl Adams to the address below. Please note that there is limited space in the Boston University wrestling room. We will accept a maximum of 35 students and will accept applications on a first come first serve basis.


Make Checks payable to: (Carl Adams Wrestling Club)


Send Check and application to:

Carl Adams Wrestling Club

Boston University

300 Babcock Street

Boston,  MA  02215


Camp Application

We will only accept 35 students Enroll immediately to reserve your spot.

Confirmations will be sent once we receive your application.

Make it easy. Sign up on line at


Make all Checks payable to: Carl Adams Wrestling Club


We will accept credit card payments. You must call Carl Adams at 617-353-2757 to pay by credit card.


Name ________________________________________________________________________


Address ________________________________________________________________________


City ______________________________________ Sate ________  Zip _____________


Home Phone ___________________________ Emergency # ______________________


E-mail address ________________________________________


Weight _______ Age ______ Years of experience ______




In case of injury or illness, emergency treatment is authorized.


Parents Signature below: ______________________________________________________________________


Applicant is insured by:  _______________________________________________________________insurance


USA Wrestling card number ______________________________________________



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