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2012 wrestling camps


Wrestlers Coaches and Parents,

We will be offering a 12 day, 7 day and 5 day program during the summer of 2012. We also offer a Kids Program for campers who are 8-12 years old.

This is the 33rd consecutive year that we are hosting our camps. We offer a great system of instruction, the finest air conditioned camp facility you will find anywhere in the country and great food.

We offer a $30.00 discount per student for teams sending 7 or more campers. There are other special benefits such as our SAT Prep program for the 7 and 12 day campers and we have  great team competition for our 7 and 12 day campers as well. In addition, each one of our campers will receive instructional DVDs that comes with the program.

You will find more information throughout this web site. However, please feel free to email or call if you have additional questions. You can reach Carl Adams at 617-353-2757.

We will look forward to working with you this summer.


Carl Adams

Camp Director


joss says:

how much is it for the 5 day program? and are girl also welcomed ?

Sarkis Soukiasian says:

What are your 2012 dates

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